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Wild und Hund Jagdmagazin

Jagen Weltweit
Schnelle Schwingen,
heiße Flinten

Nur wer einmal auf argentinische Tauben gejagt hat, kann ermessen, was unsere Altvorderen unter guten Flintenjagden verstanden und wo ihre Herausforderungen lagen.

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Wild und Hund Jagdmagazin

Tauben in Argentinien
Fluch und Segen

Für Flintenjäger eine Gottesgabe, für Farmer ein Alptraum: die Ohrflecktaube in der argentinischen Provinz La Pampa. Dr. Karl-Heinz Betz war dort - mit Flinte und Kamera.

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Ciervo Colorado
Gansos / Avutardas

Our centre of operations involves a family Project. The origin of our lands is set with the challenge faced up by Italian and Swiss immigrants almost 100 years ago.

Because of this legacy they gave us, we know every single spot of our lands, and for some years we have been exploiting them, not only agriculturally or in cattle rising but because of its great potential, we could also make some forays into the synergetic field.

Agronomist engineers are in charge of a rational exploitation of our resources, considering it very important for the future generations like our children who are also professionals in this field.

Hunting other big game species like red deer, wild boar, pumas and exotic animals, we work together with other specialized hunting organizations. They are a few kilometres distant one of the other. Our experience gives us the certainties to choose the right place and the right moment for the hunting of the different species.

“When the Lord estimates the life period everyman should have on this earth, He doesn't count the days spent on hunting animals.”


SMALL GAME: Ducks - Pigeon and Tortolas - Partridges - Other species
BIG GAME: Red Deer - Puma - Wild Boar - Other species
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